Intention Tarot Cards

(Oracle of the Unicorns)
Today, we may reflect on things that may now seem out of reach as Card of the Day is asking from us to focus on what we want and believe in it with all of our heart. We may sense that our desires are being delayed or not arriving at all and the reason for that is we are sending out wrong signals to the Universe, that we are scared to come out clearly with what we actually want.

Avoid being trapped in the same dramas, the same experiences and the same disappointments by setting strong, new intentions now. Remember, you are the creator of your reality! Choose life that astounds you with its magnificence, don’t be afraid to believe, be bold, stand in your power!

Do you have the courage to release old patterns and beliefs, to take action? Are you sending out your desires at all? Do you truly believe in yourself? Does your life light you up?

Card of the Day

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