Cancer Sign Zodiac

Cancer, fourth sign of the Zodiac, ruling those born between June 21-July 21.

Symbol: ♋️

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Group: Emotional


Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer is one of the zodiac signs that is most difficult to get to know. Cancer has strong emotions and nothing is more important to them than family and home. Compassionate and empathetic, Cancers are mostly on the same energy level as people around them. Loyalty is the key word for this sign and these extraordinarily sensitive people are great to have around.


For Cancer the key word is “I Feel” and this is extremely obvious when we talk about love. Gentle and sensitive, Cancers will show their emotions to loved ones without thinking. They are ready to love and choose a partner who will understand them as much as possible. They do not match with superficial and overly ambitious people. In love Cancers seek someone who is equally intuitive. They are loyal partners, love children and marry for a lifetime.

Friends and family

Traditional and maternal, Cancers are great parents. In fact, they are the best sign in all aspects of family life. This is seen in the homes they create, as well as in how much they are dedicated to their obligations. Born in this sign, they are often prepared to cross over a personality conflict within a family simply because they are related to that person. Whatever needs to be done, you can count on Cancer to do whatever he can for a family member. They are deeply sentimental and diligent about creating family albums and maintaining family traditions. It is a pleasure for them to tell stories to new generations.

As for friendship, Cancers are people of help. They are almost always ready to help, provided it is not in conflict with family responsibilities. They highly appreciate friends and generally have those with similar opinions. Since Cancers generally prefer a home atmosphere than going outdoors, people who like to come visit and socialize with activities such as playing cards or having dinners at home are their first choice for close friends. Though deeply intuitive, the ‘heart before the head’ kind of personality makes them very sympathetic, it can also make them seem difficult to understand. Time is a cure for that!

Business and Money

Cancers can be as persistent as they are sensitive. If there is some work to be done, they will roll up their sleeves and get to work. Especially in their element when it comes to care or similar tasks, so they are great nurses. Other jobs that they should strive for are housewives, gardener and journalists. Cancers love for their own country gives them the foundation for being excellent politicians. The need to feel as if they can change something in the world, no matter how small it is, is necessary for this sign to feel fulfilled.

For those born in this sign, security is of utmost importance, and so it is with money too. Making money in general goes easy, and usually they have savings aside. Cancers do not fall into spenders. On the contrary, they are much more willing to invest some money and plummet the money they have. Many Cancers see money as a symbol of their status in life and as a result tend to maintain a relatively rich personal account. Cancers are resourceful and manage well their time and money.

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