Yes/No Tarot! Concentrate on your question, ask a question in a way that can be answered with YES and NO, empty your thoughts and open your card….

The answer is YES

This is the Magician card and if you asked about work, this is a very good card that says that all will go in your favor, you will have a lot of money and power. If you’re asking about a wish or a plan, then know that it will happen to you, but with the help of a very powerful man who has a lot of friends, knows famous people, has a lot of money, and who is fond of you. If the question is about friendship then the answer is that you can count on the people around you and seek help from friends. And for love, this is a negative card that tells you it’s not time to rely on love, that you have to think about work and money, but also that you have a lot of energy and that if you really want it you will get it.


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